Mishnah Yomit Cumulative Archive

Welcome to the Cumulative Archive for the USCJ Mishnah Yomit daily study project. Here you will find the daily Mishnah lessons grouped together by tractate. All tractates will be indexed, hyper-linked and updated to contain the daily lessons as they become available. The intent is to provide an on-line collection of "books" that will grow as the material covered by the Mishnah Yomit project continues to grow.

The earliest documents are available in three formats: HTML for on-line viewing, PDF for on-line viewing, or download and viewing or printing locally, and a ZIP file containing the .tex files used to prepare the documents. The .tex files are processed by LaTeX to produce a professionally typeset book, pdflatex to produce the PDF file and latex2html to produce the web pages. Information on these packages can be found at http://www.latex-project.org, and http://www.latex2html.org. The more recent documents are available in Word format only.

The table below shows the date and time of the last update for each of the files in the archive. To view a file, click on the date shown for that file. To download a file, see the Help page(s) for your browser.

They are presented here in cumulative archive form for the benefit of those participating in Mishna Yomit, and in the hope it will help to foster an interest in the study of Jewish texts.

Get Acrobat Reader To view the PDF file(s), you will need Abobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have it, a free download is available just by clicking here.

Microsoft Word documents are available for the following tractates. Clicking on the name of the tractacte will display a list of the individual Microsoft Word document files for that tractate.
Bava Batra Bava Metziah Sanhedrin Makkot Shevuoth Eduyoth Avodah Zarah Avoth Horayoth Yevamoth Ketuboth